Forever™ Bee Honey

Recommended retail price incl. VAT: 215 kr

Art nr: 207

Volume: 500 g

100% exquisite, flavour-rich honey

Luxurious, dark, amber-coloured runny honey from the world’s most sought-after producers in the mountainous regions of northern Spain.

Who is it for?

Forever™ Bee Honey is for everyone who loves honey. Ideal if you want to avoid normal sugar but still appreciate something lovely and sweet.

Honey through the ages

Since time immemorial, people around the world have loved honey. The oldest evidence is a cave painting in Spain from more than 8,000 years ago, of a person taking honey from a wild bees’ nest. All cultures appear to have used honey and admired the ability of bees to take nectar and transform it into one of our most natural foodstuffs.

Honey of the highest quality

Spain is one of Europe’s biggest producers of honey, and the honey from the mountainous regions in the north is particularly sought-after. This is where the honey Forever brings to Scandinavia is from. And it’s not just any honey. Forever™ Bee Honey is a dark, delicious, amber-coloured runny honey. The soil where the bees gather their nectar is rich in minerals and the honey matures slowly in the honeycombs, since the nectar is gathered as the flowers bloom.

A better alternative

Thanks to its high fructose content, honey has a lower GI than normal sugar. This makes it a better alternative for sweetening drinks or baking. If you drink tea or other hot beverages, just remember that the enzymes in honey are destroyed in temperatures of over 40°C.



Honey (100%).

Nutritional information

Nutrition content per 100 g:


1368 kJ/327 kcal


0.5 g


0.2 g

    of which saturated

0 g


80.6 g

   of which sugars

67.2 g

Dietary fibre

0 g


0 mg


Honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months. Store in a cool, dry place.