Aloe vera

Aloe vera. Conditions, moisturizes, soothes. Widely used in many skin and haircare products. It is also drunk as a dietary supplement by millions of people around the world. It’s hard not to love Forever Living’s products containing Aloe vera.

Forever Living’s best-selling Aloe vera drink contains up to 99.7% pure Aloe vera gel from the inner fillet of hand-picked leaves for the highest quality.

Popular Aloe vera from Forever Living Products

It may not be that obvious that Aloe barbadensis Miller is the species used by Forever Living Products. The fact is that of over 400 types of Aloe vera in the world, this succulent variety, with its plump green leaves, has been used for thousands of years for its amazing properties, as far back as ancient Greece. Aloe barbadensis Miller is a subtropical plant that can store a lot of water. Its leaves contain a viscous jelly made up of water and a unique blend of other substances. Since the start in 1978, this precious gel has been the foundation of Forever Living’s products.


Forever Living Products has operations in over 160 countries on all continents, making it the world’s biggest grower, producer and distributor of Aloe vera. All of our products are based on stabilized Aloe vera, and because we carefully control the entire process from plant to finished product, we can guarantee the very highest quality. This consistent high quality has earned Forever Living’s Aloe vera the prestigious IASC* Seal of Approval – while also making Forever Living Products a worldwide market leader.

*The International Aloe Science Council


Aloe vera products of the highest quality demand raw ingredients of the same calibre. Forever Living Products starts from scratch with fertile soil that provides good growing power and plenty of nutrients for the plants, in a climate with more than 2,000 hours of sunshine a year. Each plant is picked as a root shoot from a mature specimen. When the plant is about three years old, the mature leaves are cut off by hand and transported onward for cleaning and stabilization. It is vital that this process is quick to make sure the raw ingredient stays fresh. Only the finest inner gel from the Aloe vera leaves is used. Crop rotation is applied so as not to deplete the soil. 

Everything at Forever Living Products revolves around Aloe vera. This is particularly clear from the company’s knowledge about Aloe vera and the wide range of Aloe vera products. Aloe vera from Forever Living is loved by a huge number of people, and is promoted by Forever Living distributors in more than 160 countries. 

This is why Aloe vera has been used and loved for millennia.


Forever är världens största odlare av Aloe vera
Forevers Aloe vera-plantor skördas för hand
Aloe vera-bladen renas innan de går vidare i processen från planta till färdig produkt
You can’t make a good product from bad raw materials. Therefore, we start from scratch and grow our Aloe Vera in vigorous, fertile soil.
Njut av Aloe vera-produkter av högsta kvalitet

Aloe vera of the highest quality

Forever Living Products works hard to assure quality so that users of the Aloe vera products are satisfied – or more than satisfied. This is why Forever Living is responsible for the entire process – from plant and production to transport and storage – and continuously checks the quality in its own laboratories. This guarantees that a product from Forever Living Products is always up to standard. 

Forever Living Product’s own research and development department is constantly evolving its range to meet changing wishes and requirements on the market, as well as the latest updates in laws and regulations. All the ingredients and their use in Forever Living products are currently permitted in the EU and Scandinavia, and are deemed safe for consumers. Forever Living’s Aloe vera juice, for instance, is produced in line with very strict quality requirements and is made from the actual inner fillet of the Aloe barbadensis Miller variety. This means it is not made from the outer parts of the Aloe vera plant leaves. Millions of people safely drink Forever Aloe Vera Gel daily*. 

We know our business and trust our products. Consequently, Forever Living is happy to offer a 90-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. This means you can try Forever Living’s products with Aloe vera and see if you like them. If you are not satisfied after 90 days, you receive a full refund – even if you have used your product. It doesn’t get much simpler or safer than that.

Would you like to know more about Aloe vera by Forever Living Products? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

*If you are on medication or undergoing medical treatment, always consult a licensed physician or another qualified healthcare professional before you start using dietary supplements or begin a training programme. 

Aloe vera from plant to product.