As a consumer, by law you have the right to change your mind about your purchase within 14 days of receiving the product from an independent distributor. You may inform the distributor either verbally or in writing. If for some reason the independent distributor has been unable to deliver all your products simultaneously, this right applies to the entire order until you have received all your products.

As a consumer, you are responsible for returning the products within 14 days of informing the independent distributor of your change of mind. You must return the products in the condition you received them to exercise your right to change your mind. Unless you were informed otherwise on ordering, the products can be returned by standard mail. As soon as the independent distributor receives the products in return, you will be refunded for the products you return and any delivery costs you paid when the goods were delivered to you.


If you have tried the product but are not completely satisfied, you can instead use our 90-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee (i.e. rather than exercising your right to change your mind).

This means that if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return the product to the distributor within 90 days – whether unused or completely or partly used – with your receipt. You will receive your money back, no questions asked.
Please contact your independent distributor to find out exactly what to do.


If you have a complaint and wish to return the product for a refund, please contact your independent distributor as soon as possible, and within a reasonable time.


Since our distributors are independent, they are in charge of their own selling process. This means that they all determine their methods of payment. Products are most commonly paid for by cash on delivery or bank transfer.


Your products will be delivered by different methods and in different times depending on which distributor you choose. If you live nearby the distributor, he or she will often deliver to your door in person. Distributors who work for Forever Scandinavia only sell products within Scandinavia. In other countries, please go to foreverliving.com.